Tokyo Tower Awaits!

On hearing that I’m going to visit Tokyo (my first time in Asia) I was super excited and also a bit in shock!! The email mentions the Foreign Office advice on earthquakes and the surrounding areas and exclusion zones in place around Fukushima. Also knowing it is the biggest city in the world made me really think wow! (37 million people in Tokyo compared to the 8m in London) 

Suddenly though, the shock passes and to be based at Tokyo Wonder Site seems really amazing, especially as I will have the opportunity to learn about and experience such a different culture…

I’ve begun to research various different places and structures similar to those I proposed to focus my work on. I realise that there is a far taller building called the Skytree (the second tallest in the world I believe). To think it possible that this building is situated in a place where earthquakes are every few days seems totally amazing to me. “Tall buildings sway back and forth” (Asia Times, 2002)

Asia Times. 2002. Asia Times. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 15 February 2013].

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

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