Our flight was delayed to Amsterdam where we were to catch our connection to Tokyo. So as soon as I landed, I ran full pelt for the plane and just by a few minutes caught the flight! This is the first time I’ve been to Asia but even on the plane it seemed different as I started to notice people wearing slippers and face masks. When we landed we realised our luggage hadn’t made the connection so hopefully that will arrive today, Wednesday 10 April. I exchanged my JR  pass at the airport (Japan Rail Pass – which gives unlimited travel across the whole of the Japan Rail network) as part of my research is travelling across the countryside – and I would like to visit Kyoto and Mt Fuji.



We met with the UAL coordinator Gen who seems really nice and helpful, he showed us where to catch the Narita Express into Tokyo. This was where I was first amazed as the train was immaculate, spotlessly clean and so was the platform. No graffiti or dust anywhere, we tried to board the train but were told we can’t as it is being cleaned! As we travelled into Tokyo we started to see the Cherry Blossom on the trees and it looked really different to anywhere I had been before with the language on all the buildings. Definitely the signs and language are aspects I will film and incorporate into photographs. I intend to exhibit these at Tokyo Wonder Site whilst I’m here.

Later we looked around Shibuya. It reminded me of Soho in London but more chaotic with its strange alleyways and tiny rooms where people were having meals out; they were smaller than a front room! Very different to Europe. The lanterns were criss crossing up that one particular alleyway too so it was very picturesque.


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