Tokyo SkyTree

Visiting the Skytree was a highlight of the residency as it is the worlds second tallest building. The central core is also separate to the outside frame so both can move independently if there is a strong earthquake.

After researching the way this building had been designed I discovered the 5 storied pagoda in Nikko which I intend to visit is also built in a similar way – with a central column through the middle.



The lift to the middle observation deck took 50 seconds – and is 350 metres high. I was shocked how quickly you travel. I then went to the very top deck of the Skytree, as the next lift is glass and you can see the structure from inside. The lift is super fast and took 40 seconds to reach the 451 metre high top deck – Tembo Galleria as it is called. I find it truly amazing a lift can travel so fast in such a short amount of time (The Great Glass Elevator?!)





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